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Offensive Services

Put the same level of importance on your internal network as you do on external network security

Offensive Services

Acting in anticipation of an attack is taking the proactive approach and in almost every case the less costly path.  In todays age, adversarial entities from all corners of the globe that look no different to a fortune 500 company are doing there reconnaissance on companies and it is important that your network security has the appropriate maturity to minimize the potential for them to succeed in exploiting your network with a payload.


Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

SPC CYBER will evaluate the clients current administrative, physical, and technical controls for compliance with applicable regulations and general information security risk

Penetration Testing

Our team of Cyber Solution Experts will test the maturity and integrity of your networks perimeter architecture design

Social Engineering & Corporate Educational Training

Our team will illustrate the ability of an adversary to launch a campaign to use psychological manipulation to trick people into performing actions, divulging confidential information, inadvertent fraud, system access and so on

Security Programs Architecture

Once vulnerabilities have been located, allow our team to review the security programs design and make modifications before you go out and spend unnecessary funds on new programs