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Defensive Services

Cyber adversaries do not sleep

Defensive Services

While our clients may have a mature ops sec posture, the threat of cyber crime should be seen no differently to fire, it doesn’t care what you did yesterday or what you do tomorrow to prevent it. It is important to have a team of Cyber Solutions Experts ready to take reactive action to any Advanced Persistant threats that may occur at any time of the day or alert you in the event that your companies assets happen to find themselves within the Dark Net.

MSSP Monitoring

Our experienced team of experts will monitor your networks remotely twenty four hours a day seven days a week for any Advanced Persistent Threats and in the case of an attempt by adversarial actors, take action immediately, daily reports will be provided

Threat Intelligance

Our team at SPC Cyber will consistently monitor sites that require invitation on the Darknet to see if our client’s interests are a part of the illegal enterprise that occurs on a daily basis