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Being compliant does not equate to being secure

Additional Services

Compliance-SPC CYBER provides compliancy services around existing privacy and security regulations such as PHI, PCI and HIPAA. This service assesses your environment and controls, document review, interviews and comparing the current security state against the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Cyber Forensic Investigation-Based on the parameters of networks, devices and personnel specified by the client, our team will conduct a comprehensive investigation and provide a full report back to the client.

Cyber Insurance Review-Additionally, these days the insurance carriers have become stricter on the minimum level of security your network must consist of and they will only become stricter as incidents continue to increase in volume and dollar value. Allow one of our Cyber Solution Experts to review your existing policy to ensure that you are indemnified in the way that you believe to be. As of today, only 33% of entities elect to bind cyber insurance but this should increase to approximately 50% over the next two years. It is recommended that all entities elect to take cyber insurance as it is inexpensive.*SPC does not have a financial interest with any insurance providers, it is simply our way of taking a holistic approach to providing security services.