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A proactive approach to your network security is paramount to a mature security posture


Defensive Services

With Advanced Persistent Threats continuously changing, reactive security tools provide maturity to your setup


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SPC CYBER SECURITY was created in sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida. For everyone who keeps up with the news, it has become impossible to ignore the signs over the past five years that major crime is occurring online at an alarming rate.  Major breaches at companies such as Target, Ashley Madison and Sony are becoming the norm losing the classification of being isolated incidents.  As we see more of these kinds of examples, we become numb and try to go on with our lives thinking that these major type of companies and their large budgets will keep us and our important personal information safe.  This unfortunately is not the case as while you may not read about it on the front page of the New York Times, it does not mean that small to middle size companies are not being breached every single day.  Approximately 60% of Advanced Persistent Attacks occur on small to middle size businesses who are simply not prepared.  Hackers do not discriminate based on the size of the company size nor do you know how valuable all the different kinds of data (no matter how raw) are to them.  The saying “you don’t care what they know until you know how much care” rings loud and true.


A boutique approach to providing full service cyber security services with five star customer service

Offensive Mindset

Being proactive can mean the difference between staying afloat and having to close your business

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Adversarial Thinking

Allow us to make it easier to understand the mindset of an attacker in a way that you don’t need to be overly technical

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Don’t know much about cyber security or the different services and products offered? That’s ok

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Human Element

Network security is only as good as the training that goes along with it for personnel

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  • Before responding to any requests or download any files, make sure it is from someone you know and from someone you were expecting something from.

  • Passwords should not contain your name, not have less than 7 characters but should contain a symbol and number.

  • Try to avoid using Wifi in public areas and have no expectation of privacy and security if you have too.